Vegan banana & spinach pancake recipe

They say you should eat your greens! Try this awesome combination – This is a delicious Spinach infused Banana pancakes by The Muscle Bakery. Made with Bulk Powders Soya Protein Isolate 90 that provides 22.5g protein per serving.


1.) Put all the ingredients into a high speed blender and set aside for about 5 minutes. Ensure you let it set so that the chia seeds can get to work and soak up the moisture. 

Note: If you like your pancakes thick and chunky, the recipe as above will make them like that, however if you prefer thinner ones, just add more water or milk.

2.) You'll need a non-stick pan with a small amount of coconut oil or a coconut oil spray. Ensure you turn the hob on to a medium heat.

3.) Pour a tablespoon of batter and cook for several minutes. Then, flip over gently using a spatula and let it cook for another several minutes.

4.) Now for the best part! Drizzle your favourite source, fruit or even some peanut butter and enjoy these delicately moist pancakes!

Yields 2 servings.





Handful of spinach leaves

1 banana 

1 scoop of Soy Protein Isolate

1 cup of grounded oats 

1 cup of milk of choice

1 TBSP of chia seeds

1 TBSP of zero calorie syrup

1 TBSP of baking powder

1 TBSP of water


Total calories; 412

Protein; 22.5g

Fats; 8.4g

Carbohydrates; 61.5

Author: The Muscle Bakery