About Me

Over the last 6 years I’ve been working towards getting as qualified as I can. During this time I’ve completed my Sports Coaching and Fitness BA Honours Degree, a level 3 certificate in personal training, a level 3 extended sports diploma in coaching and fitness and various other fitness class qualifications.

Over the last 6 years I’ve managed to get a ton of experience working with clients from all walks of life. I’ve trained the general public, professional football players and also had experience working with patients that have been referred to myself by local GP practises.

I’ve had a lot of success running various different fitness classes over the years and still do! Some of my favourite fitness classes that I like to deliver are; Boxing, Circuits and Bootcamp sessions. I’m a big fan of ensuring standards of fitness classes that I deliver are at a top level and all research based.

I’ve loved the coaching and fitness environment so much that I’ve decided to find a way to help more people achieve their goals. This website is just the start of something new, I’ve decided to provide new and old clients with research based eBooks and fitness programs that have all been carefully written by myself over the last 2 years.

As well as this I’ve always had a passion for starting up my own fitness clothing line. After the first year on my university degree, I decided to start looking in to how the fitness clothing industry worked. It took me months and years of speaking to people that had done it before and trying a few things out for myself, until eventually I launched my first few products. I’m glad to say it was a great success! I’ve now decided to take it a step further and will be launching my XMFITNESS WINTER CLOTHING COLLECTION in the coming weeks!

My biggest achievements to date; finished my sports coaching and fitness degree, started an online business and run a successful personal training business.

Things that I like; food, exercise, travelling, meeting new people and stepping outside my comfort zones, every day, as much as possible.

Things that I appreciate; health, family, friends and happiness.

Things you might not know about me; I’m fluent in Spanish, I’ve lived in the only semi dessert in Europe for 6 years, I have asthma, I used to be a long distance runner but now I prefer to train in old school bodybuilding gyms around Birmingham.

My plan for the future is to be able to positively influence as many people as possible via my social media accounts, teach people how to adopt a healthy balanced lifestyles with nutrition as well as showing people how they can get the most out of their fitness training in and outside the gym.

My current training status; I'm following my Hybrid PowerBuilding Program up until the beginning of January. I'm planning on testing my 1RM's on the barbell back squat, conventional deadlift and the barbell bench press, at the end of this program. After this, I will then start a new bodybuilding program that i'm currently putting together, that will allow me to step on stage and compete as a natural bodybuilder in May 2020.